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The cost of starting a casual diner 

Owning a food service business is a dream for cooking enthusiasts, people who work in restaurants, or other snack bars. It is also a dream for those that believe it is a lucrative business. It isn’t necessarily an easy task to open a restaurant but a rewarding experience when finalized. Starting a diner business costs a lot of money. Thankfully there are EU grants available that could lower the costs of starting the business.

The idea and the business plan

New restaurants are emerging all the time in spite of heavy competition. The need for eating out is growing as Poles are looking to have a meal in public areas. The number of people who choose to eat out regularly is growing. Poles most often choose pizzerias, fast food chains, and restaurants, according to a report titled “Polska na talerzu” (Poland on a plate), done in 2018 by IQS for MAKRO Poland. The cuisines that are still dominating are Polish, Italian and Regional. What customers pay attention to are restaurant decor and design, as well as the taste of the dishes.

The costs of opening a diner are high, and they include interior design, kitchen equipment, rent and adaptation. According to the calculations of economists, the expenses range around PLN 500000. A snack bar, offering a more limited selection of dishes, is, of course, much cheaper. Additional costs include permits and alcohol license, the ZaiKS license to play music tracks, Health and Safety training, credit card payment service fees, and insurance.

The cost of renting or buying a place

The type of place is very important in running the business. The rental fees depend on location and the city it is located in. The costs of equipment and decor can be added to the rental charges. They are difficult to estimate as they depend on design and decor, the size of the building, and its condition. Opening a snack bar is cheaper, however. When opening a smaller, takeaway bar, we don’t need to deal with equipment costs such as furniture and accessories.

Pressure frying machine

For fried chicken restaurants serving deep-fried chicken dishes, it is necessary to invest in a professional pressure frying machine. Its price can be added to the costs of starting a restaurant. It is the professional equipment used for deep frying in oil under pressure. Its large capacity allows for cooking a lot of meat simultaneously. The price depends on the capacity of the machine, its size, and the model. They range from PLN 3000 to PLN 16000.

Additionally, promotion costs should be considered when it comes to starting a diner or a cafe. These include flyers, posters and an internet website. The marketing material should include photos of the products- these are key decision-making factors for clients ordering a particular dish.

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